Providing Simple, Basic Life Insurance For All People, Not Just The Few

Our Promise

Life Assurance is focused on making life insurance easy, affordable, relevant for you. 

Low Cost Life Insurance

With our simple application & low cost, anyone can protect their family today

  • Did you know, you can protect your family with life insurance coverage in the case of Covid up to $10,000 for only $99 a year

  • We identify real concerns and develop solutions that are cost effective to every day people

  • Don't worry about monthly payments and large applications. We make it simple and easy, that's our promise.

Little requirements to provide coverage for you and your family

Simple & Individualized Plans

  • Our products are built to provide instant qualifications so you get immediate coverage without red tape

  • Our goal is to provide coverage and make it affordable and simple.

With Us


For ALL of our plans, we don't require medical exams, citizenship, or more than some basic personal information.



We don't hide our terms & conditions or application process. Review them anytime to check whether you qualify.


We just don't have standard life insurance products. We focus on specific risks to the public and ensure we can provide products that are relevant to the mass without breaking the bank.  ​

Cost Effective.

Life Assurance Company of America builds products with coverage and cost in mind. We operate our business like you operate your home and make sure we keep our costs in line so we can offer you great products and services.

See If You Qualify

If so, you will be directed to our checkout page


Do I Need Life Insurance?

With the world changing and new risks uncovered daily, it’s important to make sure everyone has some level of life insurance that matches their needs. Depending on your job, stage of life, and family needs, you can select a simple or complex plan. At Life Assurance Company of America, our focus is to identify simple solutions that help you manage risk today. 

How Expensive Is Life Insurance?

If you are searching for Life Insurance, you have probably seen the large monthly bills many companies charge you for an insurance policy that has a lot of red tape.  We get that these policies may not be for everyone and instead of creating a large complex product, Life Assurance works to cover specific risks and creates products so you can get covered for a small fee.  An example would be our Covid Life Insurance Policy that allows almost anyone to purchase a policy at a very low cost that creates coverage in the case of death due to the virus. This policy helps many people cover end of life expenses as well as general expenses for a little over $8 a month.


Who is Life Assurance Company of America?

Thanks for asking.  Life Assurance Company Is changing the way insurance works by building products focused on you.  We started working on insurance over 50 years ago building a company helping real people one at time to ensure their loved ones would be taken care of.  Today, we are taking that same approach, but making the process simpler, more affordable, and finding new ways to help more people. 

How Does Covid Impact Life Insurance?

At Life Assurance, we specifically made a life insurance product for deaths related to COVID-19. We want customers to know that we will cover it and also create a simple, easy application, and extremely affordable product. If you are interested in life insurance, specific to COVID-19, click here

Do Prices Change On My Policies?

All of our plans are focused on being the most affordable in the industry and we do that by offering targeted products and having cost efficiencies while we run our business. Once you buy our policies and lock in the rate, you keep that price. 

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